North America Fine Art Photo Tour June – July 2013

North America Fine Art Photo Tour June – July 2013

 Dear Readers,


it’s been a while since we updated this blog, but there’s a reason behind that: we have been through an extremely important planning phase which is now starting to show its results: we have almost completed our event list for 2013, and are working on 2014, too.


As you have probably seen in other social media, we have announced our first European event: Rome (click on the link for more details about that).


We are overly excited about this, and we are sure that those three days will be filled with unforgettable moments and experiences for all those attending: they will come away with with a better understanding of the art of photography and will be ready to take their creations to the next level.


Anyway, many of our affectionate readers probably know about what happened to our co-founder Luca, on Saturday 16th February. (and for those who don’t, please take a look here).


Inspired by his huge motivation, passion and strong will, despite the theft he has been victim of, we have decided that Glass Star Agency will be touring  North America, this late June and July, 2013, with three fine art Events in three awesome locations.

It will be a superb chance to meet interesting people from all over the world, and to offer our best to those who will attend our workshops.

We will visit Miami, Vancouver, San Francisco and are currently working to add another event in one of the most beautiful National Park in the US (will reveal the location in our next announcement).


We will mix indoor instructional sessions with shooting out in the field, in order to provide all the attendants with the best possible experience on a huge variety of themes, ranging from architecture, landscape, seascape and infrared photography.


Many details will be released within these very next weeks, but if you’re interested and want more information don’t hesitate to use our Contact form or write us at


Limited places available, and pre-registration is now open HERE.



Mike Diblicek – Glass Star Agency  co-founder, artist



International Photography Awards

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to announce that our team of artists has been extremely successful in the 2012 International Photography Awards, one of the most exclusive photographic competitions.

Here is an extract from its official website: “… We received over 10,000 entries from over 100 countries around the world. Such an international display of photographic excellence! …”

Joel Tjintjelaar won the 2nd Place Award in Architecture – Buildings Pro with his fantastic ‘The Shape of Light‘ series.  He also received an honorable mention for his ‘ A monochromatic slice of Mondrian’ image.

Michael Diblicek was awarded with two honorable mentions for his series “The Holocaust Memorial” and “The Jewish Museum“.

Last, but not least, I (Luca Cesari) have received four honorable mentions for my project “The Heliades“.


Yours Truly,

Luca Cesari, co-founder Glass Star Agency, artist.

Welcome to the Star Glass Agency website

Dear readers,

Welcome to our very first blog post and the launch and official announcement of our Glass Star Agency website. Who are we? What are we and what do we aim for? I will quote our mission as described in our “About Glass Star” section:

” . . .  The Glass Star Agency was founded in 2012 by international award winning photographers
 Joel Tjintjelaar from Holland, Michael Diblicek from the UK and Luca Cesari from Italy.

It is a collective of world’s best fine art photographers with a unique artistic vision, who have joined and through their superb artistic craft are willing to create beauty and turn reality into Fine Art.

Sharing knowledge is the credo of our artists: exceptional articles and revolutionary Fine Art Events will build the bases for a higher awareness of Fine Art Photography worldwide.
By sharing knowledge we invest in artists, established artists and future artists who have their own unique vision but don’t know yet how to unlock this beautiful vision and present it to the world.

Craftsmanship, talent and artistry combined however isn’t always a recipe for success. It takes a bit of luck, a push in the right direction or simply the observing eye of someone who recognizes talent to help the potential artist on its way to success in life. The artistic world is in need of a Maecenas, not as an individual but as a strong collective.
We at Glass Star agency aim to be this ‘Maecenas’ by sharing the joint success we have as artists with other artists who are still on their way to success or with established artists aiming to retain and expand their success. Sharing beauty, sharing knowledge, sharing success.   . . . ”

We, the founders, take our credo “sharing beauty, sharing knowledge and sharing success” very seriously. It’s our fundament.

We start with just 3 co-founders and artists being Michael Diblicek, Luca Cesari and yours truly, but in the very near future you will see other artists here as well.

The best artists, who also have the same passion for sharing and represent the élite in their fine art areas, will be personally invited to join our collective.

We don’t restrict ourselves to any art form, although the largest section will be about Black and White fine art.

We also hail the beautiful fine art colour photography, and recognize the importance of operating on the intersections of photography and other art forms like cinematography.

Cinematography is an important area we would like to cultivate and promote; we are also constantly looking for ways to operate on other intersections in mainly visual art forms as well.

To live and act accordingly to our tagline, we have started to organize several events worldwide, to share our knowledge and beauty through photography events like combined workshops/exhibitions/photography walks all over the world, hosted and instructed by some renowned artists joining our collective, as well as by ourselves.

Please take a look at the events section to get an impression of what we are planning for 2013.

If you want to know how these events are going to look like, then take a look at our pilot project: The NYC architectural Photowalk

For now, I would like to welcome you personally and on behalf of co-founders Michael Diblicek and Luca Cesari. Stay tuned!

Joel Tjintjelaar, co-founder Glass Star Agency, artist.